Brahma on a wand + Zoom H2N

We will now build on demand modified Zoom H2n and a Brahma 1st order microphone on stem, terminated with a 5-pin XLR male connector. The Brahma wand can be used independently, either with four PIP sources, or a purpose built four channel balanced output module.

The Zoom H2n, modified with an XLR female connector is the default method for using this microphone.

The microphone is calibrated independently. If a modified Zoom H2n is purchased along with the mic, there will be a second set of calibration filters to match the Zoom.

Brahma wand – 500 USD

Modified Zoom H2n – 500 USD

(Prices include calibration)

Four channel XLR phantom module – XLR 5 pin female one end, 1.5 meters of four channel balanced cable, terminating in four XLR male connectors – 250 USD. Longer cables will be on a pro rata basis.