Current models

At the moment we have eight models of  microphones available.

*Brahma-in-Zoom, where the tetrahedral array is mounted inside the Zoom H2n

*a version where the array is mounted on top of the Zoom, with 25 mm capsules

A version of the Zoom H2n with XLR five pin connector on top, and a wand with a tetrahedral array on top.

*a freestanding  microphone with 14 mm capsules, with a DIN 12 M connector. This microphone  needs to be coupled with a high quality four channel digital recorder.

*Brahma Ambisonic Studio Microphone using 25 mm capsules and low noise electronics.  Uses DIN 12 M connector. This microphone needs to be coupled to a high quality four channel  recorder.

Brahma-8, the second order, eight capsule microphone, with calibration for both AmbiX  and SPS-8 formats.

Low cost versions of  first and second order microphones, with 14 capsules and full calibration.

Prices start from 500  USD, plus shipping. Email us when you are ready to order