8 capsule 2nd Order ambisonic mic – coming soon

Higher order ambisonics till now has been based on synthesis and manipulation. There have been very few live recordings and very few microphones which can record in second order.

So there is a lot of excitement for the imminent arrival of a compact 2nd order microphone which can be directly plugged into an eight channel recorder.

The microphone will be accurately calibrated, with filtermatrix files to produce output signals as 2nd order B format or SPS format with much higher positional resolution than a four channel first order microphone.

We aim to make it low cost. More than a first order microphone possibly as much twice as expensive. But still, it will be low cost for what it can do.

At the moment, a prototype is being tested by our partners at the University of Parma. We will start assembling production units as soon as we have the new calibration set up from them.

Want to be notified as soon as this mic is available? Drop us an email and we’ll make sure you hear about it.