Brahma Zoom Studio

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Using studio quality 25 mm capsules the Large Diaphragm Brahma has been designed for nature recordists and for ambience recording, where microphone noise is paramount. It has also been used for music recordings.


The system is only slightly larger than the Brahma Field Pocket also built into the Zoom H2N, and the Rycote windshield available for the Zoom H2N will still fit. Because the mounting of the array, the recorder works only in the four-channel mode.

The array, and the grill surrounding it, are 3-d printed in a new HP material which is very strong. A fine brass mesh just inside the grill provides shielding from hum and electrical interference.

The microphone comes with an information book (also available on this web site) and a microSD card containing the calibration files and basic software for converting the native A-format files to the standard B-format four channel recordings.

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