What people say about brahma microphones

“I have a preproduction version and when used with the proprietary filter set, it sounds fantastic: beautifully resolved and detailed and also very musical. It was a significant part of the sound I captured with Mitchell Stein and Todd Cochran’s recording of Maurice Ravel’s “Blues”.”
Michael Aarvold
Recording Engineer/Scoring Mixer

“The Brahma Ambisonic microphones have become an important part of my microphone arsenal. I’m on my second generation of small capsule tetrahedral arrays made by Umashankar and they perform beautifully in the field for sound effects and ambience recordings. I recommend them to anyone interested in capturing a natural, immersive and uncolored recording of sound (or   music). Rachmaninov – Rio Mangini 

Mark Mangini
Academy Award winning sound editor (he has just one another – for Dune)

“I’m grateful to Umashankar for his great work in producing an effective and affordable ambisonic microphone. I’ve used a Brahma microphone for many years for my soundscape field recording artistic work, for live recording of sound art performances, for capturing environments to be used for sound design for film and lately for virtual reality. The results are clean and with excellent spatial definition. It has also been used as a tool for teaching about spatial audio in my digital media design classes.” 

Hector Centeno
Sound and digital media artist. Academic.

“I’ve been working with my Brahma mic for over two years now. Delivery was really fast and since then, it’s heart of my spatial audio set-up for 360° video shootings. I don’t want to work without it anymore and am glad to have direct support from the builder himself, who is always open for new ideas, to make Brahma even more outstanding.“

Martin Rieger
Specialized in virtual reality recording and post-production