Brahma Studio 8. Eight capsule 2nd Order ambisonic microphone.


Higher order ambisonics till now has been based on synthesis and manipulation. There have been very few live recordings and very few microphones which can record in second order. So there is a lot of excitement for the  arrival of a compact 2nd order microphone which can be directly plugged into an eight channel recorder.

US $1500 Place order

Outputs are to two 12pin DIN connectors, one carrying channels 1-4 and the other carrying channels 5-8. We  provide very flexible Mogami cables to connect these to the recorder.

Spherical chart
The spherical directivity patterns of a specific Brahma-8 microphone. Here it is microphone serial number 4. This is not a theoretical construct but the result of actual measurements.


The microphone is accurately calibrated, with filtermatrix files to produce output signals as 2nd order AmbiX B format or SPS format with much higher positional resolution than a four channel first order microphone.

7 meter length of snake cable for Brahma-8

The microphone is priced at 1500 USD.  It will come with an experimental shockmount, and two 1.5 meter cables, DIN 12 F one side four XLR 3 M on the other side. Longer lengths can be ordered. We are also providing ultra-flexible 8 channel Mogami snake for these microphones – two DIN 12 female connectors on one end, and 8 XLR 3 pin male connectors on the other end. It will cost the same as two cables, but some might find it more convenient.

Brahma-8 with Zoom F8
Brahma-8 connected to Zoom F8

Want a listen ? here is an early recording at a 3rd Century BC theater in Orissa. Recorded from a distance of 10 meters  with Brahma-8 ser no 001.!ApTSKi4C6u46jd5QgpxLyAsw5O9u6A – Stereo, 2nd order Ambisonic (9-channel) AmbiX and SPS (8-channel) versions.