Brahma Studio 4. Free standing Brahma ambisonic microphone

This is the newest iteration of free-standing Brahma microphones using 14 mm capsules that I started making about ten years ago.

The new version has completely new electronics which provide dynamics limited only by the capsules. The microphone looks more conventional; it is also very much more convenient, with a single industry-standard connector.

US$ 750 Place order

Of all first order ambisonics out there (now there are a few) it is the least expensive. And because of individual calibrations which are automatically provided with each microphone, it is very precise, and very good sounding. You can listen to a variety of samples!

Like all ambisonic microphones, it should be used with a microphone stand and a shockmount. Outdoors, it almost always requires a windshield. The better the four channel recorder or mixer used with it, the better the sound.

The microphone is shipped in a foam lined box with an information booklet and a micro SD card mounted in a small pouch in the booklet. That micro SD card contains the calibration files, as well as software to convert from the microphone’s native A-format to the universal B-format. It also has DIN12 F to four XLR splitter, so it can be connected directly to a four channel recorder.