Brahma Zoom Pocket


Brahma Zoom Pocket is the most convenient and most popular microphone we produce. It is an ideal introduction to Ambisonic recording methods: it requires no cabling or complicated setting of levels. It is a genuine ‘one button’ recorder and the two AA cells last really long.

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In ideal situations, the microphone should be mounted on a stand, with a shockmount, and if it is outdoor, covered with a Rycote (or Rycote-style) windshield. It is sensitive to vibration and wind noise because it reproduces low frequencies very well. After applying the calibration, recordings made with Brahma-in-Zoom have extended ‘flat’ frequency response.

The calibration also ensures that the ambisonic recordings have very precise and natural imaging – even after mounting  the array in the restricted space of the Zoom.

The microphone comes with an information booklet (also available on this website), and a microSD card containing the filtermatrix files and software for converting the native A-format recordings to the universally used B-format recordings.

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