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Download a PDF of the information booklet and recording guide that comes with all our microphones. It includes a comprehensive introduction to the basics of ambisonic recording and playback using your Brahma microphone. Brahma-in-Zoom manual Freestanding Brahma manual


A new version of Brahmavolver, the standalone program for A-format to B-format first developed nine years ago, is now available. Support for 24 bit files, FUMA and AmbiX formats, there are many updates. the link is here https://Brahmavolver 2018 for mac and windows

Free voucher for VVencode (75 USD value) with all new orders

All our first order microphones come with a voucher for VV encode, a very powerful VST program for converting A format recordings done with Brahma microphones. It is part of a family of programs for converting to B format and processing the resulting B format signals. There will be soon an exclusive VVencode for Brahma-8 second order microphones. Visit the site

User groups

Brahma microphones have a growing community of users. You can connect them via the Facebook Brahma Microphone  Users group And you can also find virtual reality users here

MORE Ambisonics resources

Check out Umashankar’s ambisonics page for an overview, some background and links to selected resources for further information. A simple way to listen to your ambisonic B format recordings on headphones


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