How are brahma mics made?

These microphones are hand produced, with a great deal of assistance from Meena. I design the microphones, the 3d parts needed for each microphone, the PCBs and the cabling systems. Meena does the soldering, from smt chips on the PCBs to capsules, and makes up the cables and connectors. There is a computer controlled infrared soldering station for the SMD assemblies.

The metal bodies are manufactured in small machine shops in Bangalore. The printed circuit boards are printed in a very modern facility in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The tetrahedral frames are 3d printed in the Netherlands using a new and very strong nylon.  Microphone capsules, DIN and XLR connectors and high quality four channel cables are sourced from the US and China,

We match the capsules as sets of four. We check printed circuit boards as they are assembled. We then listen to each channel as it is wired up from capsule to the DIN connector. We then do a further test to verify that the right capsules are connecting to the right channels. It is only after this  that we calibrate the microphone, first measuring in quasi anechoic conditions in eight directions, and processing these measurements to create a set of FilterMatrix files that are unique to each microphone.